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Not a bright name to start a blog, isn’t it? Well my love for Robert Langdon stories is never ending. I just finished the book. It wasn’t as exciting as I expected. The writing was a bit lengthy and during the middle part it was loosing the intensity. Almost all other books of Robert Langdon start as same and are stories of 1/2 days. However, the idea was fascinating, Dan Brown was able to create many illusions to the readers and those were revealed almost at the end. I always like to read histories behind buildings, arts and sculptures, well this time it was way to much for me to grasp. I usually love to learn about architectural sites and places described (as for this one Florence, Venice and  Istanbul) but picturing buildings are hard compared to historic arts and sculptures. Other than this, linking Dante’s Inferno to the pendemic virus was quite fuzzy. Plus, (spoiler alert) if someone wants to release a virus to destroy 1/3 of the mankind to save the human race, releasing a video and bragging about the work is understandable, but creating a puzzle for World Health Organization (who is apparently your enemy) to solve it? Why? Again, by the time WHO reached the final destination, there was nothing to trace or to understand about the virus! Then why all these hard work?

I usually become very impatient while reading a book if it is already a movie or soon going to be a motion picture. As the “Inferno” movie is already out, I am going to see it anyway, but definitely not too much excited about it.

Well, in summery, my rating is 6/10 of the book.