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The Happiness Project

​I will be honest. I tried this and couldn’t (or didn’t) complete. It wasn’t tough. I was just lazy. So, I’m trying it again, just a way to thank God for the wonderful day and life He gave me. 

Throughout this blog I will talk about myself and my surroundings. I consider myself as a strong and confident women, even though currently unemployed, I am trying my best to use my time to do something better, learn something new and mostly for self improvement. 

I wouldn’t called myself depressed or will say that I feel constant sadness. I am still trying to figure out what do I feel time to time. The feelings of anxiety, tension and stress are normal but the intensity and pressure of these feelings get so high that I feel overwhelmed, exhausted and numb whenever I have these anxiety attacks. But I have that constant feeling making everything right and have the constant concern that nothing is going as it should be, which is difficult to control. So, here I’m again, with my happiness blog, will post a picture everyday. Unless something serious happens, I’m hoping to stick to it this time. 

Day 1:

I am also trying to start my weight loss plan along with my 100 happy days project! I am 122 lb! Are you serious?!! So, planning to loose atleast 10 pounds in 100 days. 1 pound per 10 days. Not an unrealistic plan, right?