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US election: random thoughts continues…

Day 3:

I fell asleep last night with my mobile on my hand. I was following the results with a heavy and tensed heart. When I woke up middle of the night and checked my mobile, it was already decided. A deep sorrow and a lumbering dread engulfed me. I don’t know why it felt so wrong.

I was feeling bad till I heard Hillary Clinton’s address. After hearing the powerful message I started to feel good, felt relieved for the future generations and felt safe for our little girls. People is the biggest power. So, for my happiness project, I am posting a quote from Hillary Clinton’s concession.

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US Election 2016

Waiting for the results!! What an exciting night it is! This time both candidates have so many controversies, people are literally arguing who is less worse. But I am with Hillary Clinton. I believe she will bring change to many things in the world to make it better and work for world peace. On the other hand, I think Donald Trump don’t have sufficient quality, experience and composure to lead a country. Plus, I can’t support someone who doesn’t show respect to women, specially on camera, which proves they are proud being that way. One of the many reasons why the whole world is eagerly waiting for the results is, the world economy, politics, business, travel, security everything depends somehow on US policies. I’m not an analyst so I won’t predict who is going to win or lose. But, I pray whoever wins, they will work for world peace.

Day 2:
Now, for my happiness project here is my picture. What a beautiful blend of fall, foliage, winter and sun! It was a wonderful day for a walk!