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Day 6:

I have no idea why I have a fear to drive. I never get easy with it, just like swimming…. But this is something that you can’t avoid your whole life. You need a car (if you can afford it) at some point. I don’t need it yet, as my husband has his car, but I may in future! The fear could also be coming from the love of my husband for his car. The car is his love, his passion, his everything. Our household income is below average. This car is the most luxurious thing we have in our life. With limited income, we are managing to pay for the financing by adjusting our spending. When my husband first saw the car in the dealership two years ago, the deal was really exciting. It was two years old car, top of the range, ran only 4000 km and it was only used by the dealer for test drive. The discount they were offering for the Nissan Maxima was really good. My husband asked me what should he do, literally asking my permission if he could buy it. I was worried about our financial condition, savings, future planning etc, so I didn’t know what to say at first. But when I saw the passion and love for the car in his eyes, I couldn’t refuse. It was not like we couldn’t afford it, just that the monthly savings will be much less for next 5 years.

I got the driving licence last year. After that I drove our car may be 10/20 times. First of all, because of my fear for driving and secondly, it is our precious car. Lol. I guess I need to buy an almost-scraped car to overcome my fear of driving. Today, after almost 3 or 4 months, I drove our car for about an hour. It wasn’t too bad! But I still have trouble concentrating more than two things at the same time (driving, checking speed, talking and looking at the glasses)! I was happy that I drove smoothly today even though I drove after a long time. So, here is my happiness project photo!

If God wills, we will buy many cars in future. But the temptation, excitement and joy for those cars will never be like our first brand new car! Nissan Maxima!