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Life lessions

Fact: Try to teach or suggest someone (could be your son, daughter or friend) what is good and bad for him/her, what should he/she do or what is best for them, they will do just the opposite.

Proof: Media was trying to potray how unfit Mr. Trump was for being a president, and so people voted for him and now he is the president of The United States.

Lesson learned: I never tell my husband what he should do or what is good for us. I just suggest the opposite!

Day 7: This one made my day (I was upset almost whole day)



Hello! I am Samantha Cara. An ordinary South Asian girl, now living in Canada. This blog is my initial step to keep my stories in one place, my favorite recipes, weight loss tips, movies and books review, and lot more (not sure what else, will figure that out!)....

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