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The magic of cooking!

Cooking is something that I always love (unless I have invited 20+ people and time is running out and I have lots to do…!!). I love to try new recipes as well as cook my popular dishes over and over. Maybe the main reason is I always miss desi foods from home. The city I live in doesn’t has many multi-cultural, good and cheap restaurants to try and my craving has no limit. So, I started to cook instead. Mostly I cook Indian or Bangladeshi food, but I also love to try Chinese, Thai, Italian, Western recipes regularly.  

However, in my dictionary there are four types of recipes. Here they are, with examples 🙂  

1. Easy Short:

This type of recipe is super easy to cook and the time required for cooking is between 30 to 40 minutes. This type of cooking is best when you have exams, you are super busy or you are not in a mood to cook for 2/3 hours. 

Example: Fried rice, Stir fry vegetables or crème brulé.

2. Easy Long:

Recipes from this category are easy but take longer time (like 2-3 hours) to cook. But the preparation time is less (20-30 minutes). This is easy because while cooking it, you can cook other foods or prepare something else at the same time or you can just relax. 

Example: Beef curry, Butter chicken, Whole grill chicken or Caramel pudding. 

3. Complicated Short:

These types of recipes need little time like 50-60 mins to cook, but you can’t move or go anywhere, neither you can comfortably multi-task. 

Example: Kabab, Pakora, Gulab jamun, Jilebi. 

4. Complicated:

Any recipe that needs more than 2 hours of cooking time and more than 1 hour of your active time, falls into this category. Also recipes that don’t fall into any categories listed above, I will list those in here. 

Example: Biryani, Haleem, Kabab curry, Multi layer cakes. 

Well, above all, it doesn’t matter how long does it take to prepare or how easy is it to cook, what I will never compromise is,  “the taste” of the final product. Good taste is independent of cooking time in most cases. Even my easy short recipes usually get very high reviews from my friends and they don’t believe when I tell them the recipe in 3 lines!

Today I cooked Thai thick soup after I checked my weight (Arrggghhh!!). The recipe is super easy, heavy and very healthy. Have a look! 

Thai thick soup:
This is my easy short recipe. Usually I cook this soup, whenever I re-start my weight loss journey. Thai soup is extremely tasty, very popular in South Asia. Surprisingly, we don’t find it here in North America. By Thai Soup they usually offer us clear soup with mixed vegetables. So, here is my recipe for Thai Thick Soup!

Chicken/beef stock/broth: 1 packet
Chicken: 1 breast, without bones
Shrimps: 7/8 large or more if medium-sized
Corn flour:2 tbs
Tomato sauce: 2 tbs
Soya sauce: 1 tbs
Oyster sauce: 1 tbs
Lemon juice: 1 tbs
Fish sauce: 1 ts
Tasting salt: 1 ts
2 egg yolk
Lemon grass: 4/5 ( I didn’t have it, so didn’t use, but this one is very essential)
Salt and Sugar: taste wise
2/3 green chili, without seeds
Thai curry paste: 2 ts (optional)

Original Thai Soup


My Thai Soup (Sorry, the picture is not too pretty!)


  1. Cut the chicken breast in large cubes and boil in water with salt.
  2. Take out the chicken pieces from the water, cool it and dice and slice it into smaller pieces, and use the water with chicken stock.
  3. Boil the stock, add sliced chicken pieces, shrimps, corn flour, soya sauce, oyster sauce, fish sauce, tasting salt, beaten egg yolk, lemon juice, salt, and lemon grass.
  4. After 5/10 minutes, add the tomato sauce and green chilies and sugar.
  5. Enjoy!

*Tips: 1. Mix corn flour with small amount of water in a bowl separately before adding to the soup.
2. You can use whole egg if you don’t want to throw out the egg white, but beat first and then add it to the soup ( the soup will look like my soup in the image)

#Day 8


Hello! I am Samantha Cara. An ordinary South Asian girl, now living in Canada. This blog is my initial step to keep my stories in one place, my favorite recipes, weight loss tips, movies and books review, and lot more (not sure what else, will figure that out!)....

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