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Day 11 of 100 happy days:

My avengers… A small gift for myself from my NY trip. Let’s see if they can save me from all ill-wishers. Lol. Just kidding! I have full faith in my God. He will save me from all ill wishes and evil eyes. Avengers, you just stay as my friend 😄.

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Weight Loss Tips…(Grocery Shopping)!!! 

Here is two weight loss tips that really work for me. 

  1. Never go to the grocery store when you are  hungry. You will end up buying all unhealthy and sugary items as a result of hunger and craving! 
  2. Before you left for grocery, always check your weight. If you really want to lose weight, and not happy with your current weight, you will be stressed and won’t buy unnecessary food. 

Remember, if you don’t buy unhealthy food, you won’t be able to eat it. Simple! You just have to control your craving at the store. Not eating a piece of cake is like burning 300 calories by doing 30 minutes of jogging! 🙂