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Tuna Fish Cake or Tuna Kebob

Day 16 of 100 Happy Days:

Today for the happiness project I am posting one of my favorite recipe ( as I don’t have anything significant to share). This is called Tuna Kabob or Tuna-Fish Cake. In my category, it is one of my easy long recipe. It is great as a side-dish at dinner or lunch, also great for snack in case your friends are coming over! All my friends love my tuna fish cake!

Tuna: 2 cans, water drained completely
Potato: 1 large, boiled till soft enough to mash easily
Onions: 1 large, chopped and fried till golden brown
Egg: 1
Garam masala: 0.5 ts (Kabob masala or normal garam masala or cumin and coriander powder will also work)
Salt: taste wise
Red chili powder: 0.5 ts or less
Coriander: Chopped
Green Chili: 1 chopped, you can skip this as it makes the kabobs really hot
Bread crumbs
Oil: 250 ml

1. Mix everything, other than the bread crumbs and oil
2. Mash with hand or masher
3. Wet hands with small amount of oil and make medium-sized balls. Gently squeeze the balls and it will give you nice circular shaped cakes.
4. Roll the cakes on the bread crumbs
5. Heat the oil on medium heat and fry the fish cakes/tuna kabobs
6. Serve with ketch up or some other sauce

1. Make sure that the mash is sticky but not too runny. If not too sticky or too dry to make a ball, give another egg yolk (another full egg can make it too runny) and if it is too runny add some more potato.
2. If you want to make the dish healthy, just bake the fish cakes instead of frying it (350F, 30-40 minutes, turning once). In my photo, the cakes are baked.
3. If your tuna already contains some salt, you just need to add small amount of salt. I would suggest to taste it before making the balls to make sure the amount of salt is right.
4. Tuna is very light, only small amount of masala will give right amount of taste, while too much masala can make it bitter in taste.


Hello! I am Samantha Cara. An ordinary South Asian girl, now living in Canada. This blog is my initial step to keep my stories in one place, my favorite recipes, weight loss tips, movies and books review, and lot more (not sure what else, will figure that out!)....

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