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Love to be the Host! 

Yes, I love to cook, and the intensity multiplies many times when I cook for friends, family and others. Off course I get tired, but never get exhausted when I invite people! I totally love when people come to our house for dinner or only to hang out. It feels great be the host and it is very relaxing to chill out with friends with lots of foods, right? So, it doesn’t matter how tired I get, I feel extremely happy and satisfied when I host a party. So, here goes my happiness project post!

Day 19 of 100 Happy Days:

I invited some friends today for dinner. As I always cook Indian rich foods when I invite someone, this time my husband said, let’s try something different, why not cook some Chinese and Thai food?  I was concerned at first because I cook oriental foods occasionally only for home eating, I never cooked oriental for parties. But, then I thought, let’s do this! Sometime different is good. It took me around 8-10 hours to cook all items, but everyone said foods were delicious. 😄 These are the items I cooked today.

  • Chicken fried rice 
  • Broccoli with chicken
  • Hot wings
  • Tilapia fillet in coconut milk
  • Thai red curry shrimp
  • Fried chicken
  • Sizzling sriracha chicken
  • Salad
  • Coconut jelly type pudding (dessert)
  • Caramel custard (dessert)

Dessert Mania

I will post the recipes in next few days! 💞