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Baby ‘Z’s Birthday! 

Day 20 of 100 Happy Days

Today was our baby ‘Z’s first birthday celebration! He is such a cute baby! Even though baby ‘Z’s parents are not close friends of ours, but we know them pretty well for last few year. They planned a big birthday party in a rented hall and invited a lot of people. I am extremely happy that my husband agreed to go to the birthday party, as he often hesitate to go to a party if he is not friends with the host. And I hate to make an excuse for not accepting an invitation, no matter who invited us. In the past we fought few times on this issue and many times I had to make an excuse for not going. So, you can guess why I was happy today. Overall it was a fun party because my other friends were there. We spend most of the time taking selfies. In this smart phone era, you can’t get bored, right? 

Baby ‘Z’s Happ(y) Birthday!

So this weekend was extremely good and busy for me. I like it this way, far better than last week