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A Little Conversation and Strawberry Short-Cake Donut

Day 22 of 100 Happy Days:

After a long time me and my husband sat and talked for about 20 minutes, without any kind of distraction. Surprisingly, we watch TV together, eat together, sleep together, laugh together and talk a lot throughout the day, but rarely talk about our feelings and most importantly discuss about future plans. But today was different. While drinking coffee at Tim Horton’s, we didn’t take out our phones to check  and we didn’t talk and laugh about random staffs, rather we talked about our life plans, what should we do, what should be our next steps. He told some challenges about his career and what he wants to do next, what he has done so far, what he should have done and what he couldn’t do. It was an important talk because my husband doesn’t like to talk about these stuffs to anyone, not even with me. I was aware of everything he said, but it was very important for me and him to talk to me directly about these.

When we were leaving the coffee shop, I told him we should do it more. The conversation is the key of communication, crucial for every relation, in every step.

We also tried Tim Horton’s new strawberry short-cake donut. It was good, a way too much whip cream. If you like whip cream this is heaven for you. My husband is doing the Movember and the whip cream was all over his heavy mustache. It was so funny! I should have taken a photo!