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First Snow of the Season

Day 24 of 100 Happy Days:

November was an excellent month, also unusual. Above average temperature with many warm days! Waking up with the white beauty is such a nice feeling!

I was quite tensed for last few days. I switched to the new birth control pill last month and the period is delayed…. 1 day… 3 days… 5 days… 10 days…nothing! I did some online search about the new pill and it says missing period is very common in this pill. Still I was too scared to take a pregnancy test. My husband surprisingly didn’t care at all. Everytime I was tensed, he said, if it happens it will prove again that the God is the grand planner, no matter what we want and what we do, everything that happens is His wills. I agree. But still, all the odds were knocking on my head constantly. I’m jobless, the living cost, the time, the moving if we need to do, my husband’s career…. It doesn’t feel like a right time.

So, finally I took the test today and it was negative. I was so relieved. Yes I was relieved. But what was that? Was I a bit sad with the result? Did I secretly want the result to be different?