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Story of Black Hair

Day 26 of 100 Happy Days:

I love my dark black hair so much that I never wanted to change it. So I didn’t try to dye my hair or highlight it. But something happened to me yesterday night, I was having extreme urge to highlight my hair. I downloaded some photos, saw around 10 ‘how to highlight hair at home’ videos and this morning went to Sobeys and bought a hair color (Clairol, sun kissed nice ‘n easy) to highlight my hair that I thought would suit my skin tone and black hair. I knew that my hair is very dark so I need to try some light color to have a brownish shade. So, I tried it for the first time, the result? That’s given below. 

Are you serious? I don’t see anything!!! The color didn’t do anything!!! I will try again in few days, may be with a lighter color!

The sweet reason why I love and hate my black hair! 😅