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GM Diet: Day 1:

Day 28 of 100 Happy Days:

Today I have started the GM diet. GM diet is the hardest thing I have ever done for weight loss purpose. They say after doing this diet I should lose 4/5 lbs every time. Well, that was not true for me, every time I loose max 1-2 lbs, may be because I am not over weight?! 

I know, this is not the ideal process for weight loss. The ideal process would be to change the life style, always eat healthy and do regular exercise. But I’m lazy and I love desserts and oily foods. I can’t stay motivated for too long. What can I do, honestly? I think for me, this time GM diet would be a better start for my weight loss journey. It is very hard, but hopefully the result will give me some motivation. After finishing this one week diet I will continue to eat healthy. 

The first day is all you can eat fruit. So, I started the day with a full glass of warm water with few drops of lemon juice. For breakfast I had an apple and a cup of green tea. For lunch I had a pears and later I ate two plums. By dinner time I was really hungry, so ate some pears and cantaloupe with raspberry and vinegar dressing. I guess that is okay as the sauce has only 40 calories per tbs and I didn’t use more that 1 tbs!

Hopefully I will stay motivated till the end of the week.