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Stop Being Lazy! 

Day 30 of 100 Happy Days:

Usually I don’t do anything the day after the weekly meeting of my research work. For last two weeks I was so busy with the work, I barely had the time and energy to do some other work. Yesterday was the meeting day, but I couldn’t just sit and do nothing today. I didn’t get the chance to apply any job for last two weeks, so there is a lot on my list. Also, I am on diet but for last few days I didn’t cook properly and my husband was just eating this and that (like nan bread with spreads!). I was feeling guilty about it, so cooked his favorite beef curry, egg curry and beef biryani today! 

 GM Diet day 4: Milk and Banana day

My diet is going alright. Drank three glasses of milk and 5 bananas. Cheated a little, ate a piece of beef while cooking 😦

Tomorrow is beef day! Yea! Already marinated some thin beef stakes!