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Trip Florida: Combination of happiness and uneasiness

Day 31 of 100 Happy Days:

Started to plan Florida trip! Yeaaa! Super excited! And somewhat nervous!

Even though we are married for 6 years, it will be our first get away trip. First honeymoon may be? But for some reasons, I’m nervous. Today I’m (over) thinking about one such thing. Not sure how to describe my feelings… Me and my husband don’t fight too much. But about 4 years ago we had a fight over social media. I was wearing a knee length skirt and he posted that photo on Facebook. I was not okay with it. I usually wear conservative cloths. Mostly full pants and short/full sleeve shirts/tops, but not comfortable with sleeveless tops and short skirts. I don’t have any problem wearing skirts or sleeveless but the conservativeness mostly came from my religious view. So, even though I am okay wearing skirts/sleeveless tops infront of my husband, where no one else I know is around, I’m absolutely not okay to post it on social media. My husband thinks there is no problem with posting and he would love to share the photo with everyone including his and my family. He get upset everytime I say I’m not okay with it. He knows my views but everytime I have to remind him followed by an uneasiness of few hours. Why he doesn’t understand? I don’t want this to happen in this trip.  

Even few days ago, he asked jokingly, you aren’t going to wear jeans in Miami, are you? I said, no, absolutely not. He sensed my tone and said, listen I will never ask you to wear mini skirts or low neck tops or anything like that, I’m just suggesting wearing comfortable cloths. I said, I will wear comfortable clothes but you aren’t allowed to take any picture if I’m wearing skirts. He didn’t said anything.

This Facebook and Instagram thing is really creeping me off. Some of my friends pretend to be someone they are not. Some are way to happy and some love to cry on Facebook. People like to show off, I understand that. It’s okay. I don’t have any problem with that. But I find it disgusting when people start to judge someone’s life based on their photos, without seeing the whole picture. I think this social media thing is just like a open window of a big house. People from outside will see whatever you put in front of that window. You can put a flower or you can fight with your loved ones and sit and cry beside the window for your neighbors to see you and sympathize with you. I always preferred flower if I had to post anything. But from this year I have reduced my Facebook posting even more. I’m regular on Facebook, love to see what’s going on with everyone, but don’t share anything about my life anymore. Earlier this year I had only posted 4/5 photos and absolutely no status and photo in last 8 months. I’m happy this way, relieved and may be people are happy too that they don’t get to see me often 😃.

I took picture almost everyday! I save it in my google photos. I will cherish the momories only with myself or with someone I want, not with 500 people. 


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2 thoughts on “Trip Florida: Combination of happiness and uneasiness

  1. I don’t share much on Facebook! It just feels a bit wrong! I don’t have a lot of friends on there, I’m very picky about who I will have! It’s either family, friends or family friends! There are a couple who I ‘have’ to be friends with who don’t fit that catagory, but they have limited viewing on what I post! I don’t mind people sharing photos of me too much, I can see why you hated your husband sharing that one. I do however hate people sharing photos of my daughter. And most don’t seem to understand why I don’t like it. ARGH!

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    1. My Facebook is like my phone book. I have many people, but I know each one of them. School friends, university friends, family, coworkers, community friends. It’s a great way to keep in touch. But like you I choose the audience of my posts carefully. Many of them are restricted. But as I said, may be I won’t like certain photo share with everyone. And about your daughter, you are right. People should ask your permission before they post any photos of your daughter on the social media!

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