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Festival of Light

Day 32 of 100 Happy Days:

Today was some festival of lights and music in a nearby park. I haven’t been to any of these festivals before. As soon as I stepped into the park, the music, light, and people immediately made me extremely happy. A feeling of joy engulphed me completely. 

It was feels like -15C. I had a fall jacket on me so was feeling cold a lot. After that we and some of our friends went to Tim Horton’s and later went to a friend’s house. But after about an hour, I started to have a headache. It was getting worse, so me and my husband came back home early. 

I know the things that give me extreme headache. Stress, long time looking at the screens, sun and cloud mixed weather, or if I start to feel disgusted or disturbed about something. The last one was the reason of today’s headache. While coming back, I was sitting in the car with my eyes closed. Then I remembered, again, that calmness of mind and peace of soul totally depends on the way we think and self-control helps the way we act. So many things to learn and practice…. Being happy is more or less a practice.

I should try to sleep. Just had two 400 mg advils.

Tomorrow is the last day of my GM diet! Yeaa!