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My Husband’s Office Christmas Party!

Day 33 of 100 Happy Days: 

And last day of my GM diet. I will be honest. I didn’t follow today. Yesterday night I was feeling very sick and wasn’t feeling any better in the morning. I was having extreme cramps in the stomach since early morning. May be it was coming from hunger or acidity or something else I don’t know. But after having full lunch, it was getting better.

It was my husband’s office Christmas Party today. I had full course meal.🍽 🍗🍖🍲🍨

Surprisingly enough!!!!! Because it never happened before to me or my husband, my husband won the first and only prize on the lottery. The prize was 44 inch LG smart TV 📺. But he decided to pass it to the next winner as we already have a big TV which is enough for two of us. So, it is better to give it to someone else who needs it. That decision of my husband really made me happy 😊

Marry Christmas to whoever celebrating and Happy Holidays to everyone!