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My anxiety attack kicked in again today. It started when me and my husband were having coffee with a friend at Tim Horton’s and the discussion of job search started. Our friend was saying how difficult it is being for engineers to find a job in Canada. Most jobs are 6 months to 1 year contract based and lay off is regular incident. I am looking for jobs for last 8 months after being laid off this April. I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession. Getting a job in this province is being extremely tough. There is almost no job for engineers, specially entry level and intermediate level engineers. Many of my friends have moved to Ontario and most of them got jobs there and others are getting interview calls. To get an interview call it is important to stay in the province where you are applying. My husband is suggesting me to go and stay with my sister in Toronto for few months and look for jobs from there. If I get something, my husband will quit the job, move there and look for a new one. This is really a great idea, but this idea also gives me anxiety attack. The thought that my husband will quit his job for me and he will struggle again to find another one in Ontario really stresses me out. I don’t know what to expect anymore or what I want anymore…. Every day, when I pray to my God, I don’t know what to say or what to ask. So, only thing I ask over and over is to give me whatever is good for me and best for us. As He knows best.

Day 40 of 100 Happy Days: I was having some kind of cravings to wear some bangles. So bought few from Ardene! 5 for $10! Good deal!!!