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Fried Shrimp

Day 55 of 100 Happy Days! 
It’s been a while since I posted my last recipe. So, here is a recipe of my favorite snack. I also eat the fried shrimps as a side if I am having oriental food. Enjoy!


Shrimp: 8-10, Large or jumbo sized 
Egg: 1
Hot sauce: 1/2 ts
Milk: 2 tbsp
All purpose flour: half cup
Red chili powder: 1/2 ts or to taste
Black pepper: 1/2 ts or to taste
Salt: to taste
Oil: about half cup or more for deep-frying


  1. Process the shrimp first. Peel the shell, but do not peel the last part of the shell and the tail. Then make few slits side-wise in the inner side of the shrimp to keep it straight as much as possible. Do not slit too deep or it can come apart.
  2. Mix with salt, small amount of red chili powder and black pepper and set aside
  3. Beat the egg and add some milk, hot sauce, salt and red chili powder in it
  4. Mix all-purpose flour, some salt, red chilli powder and black pepper in a bowl
  5. Heat oil in a deep-frying pan over medium heat
  6. Toss the shrimps in the flour mix one by one, and then shake off any excess flour from it.
  7. Put it in the egg mix and soak it thoroughly. 
  8. Then put it again in the flour mix and shake off any excess flour or the loose flour can come off the shrimp during frying in the hot oil
  9. Make sure the oil is heated properly and then add the shrimps. Make sure the shrimps are not touching each other and getting heat from all sides. So, it is better to do the frying in 2/3 batches.
  10. Turn the shrimps one or two times to make sure the shrimp is cooked properly. 
  11. When the shrimps will turn golden, remove from oil and carefully drain the excess oil from the shrimp 
  12. Serve with ketchup or any kind of sauce! 


Hello! I am Samantha Cara. An ordinary South Asian girl, now living in Canada. This blog is my initial step to keep my stories in one place, my favorite recipes, weight loss tips, movies and books review, and lot more (not sure what else, will figure that out!)....

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