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Results of Prayer?

I have a feeling that I did a mistake and that mistake caused me a good job. I could’ve avoided it if I was well prepared. I am feeling guilty more than ever. Will God give me another chance? 

Tell me about your experience. Did you ever get a second chance in life? 

#Day 80



Hello! I am Samantha Cara. An ordinary South Asian girl, now living in Canada. This blog is my initial step to keep my stories in one place, my favorite recipes, weight loss tips, movies and books review, and lot more (not sure what else, will figure that out!)....

2 thoughts on “Results of Prayer?

  1. Yes God will forgive you. However you have to ask God forgiveness and whatever happend bring it all to God. Sometimes He may not answer right away cause it may not be your time to get your answer. Just keep praying about it until you get your answer. Repent of sins cause of the problem.

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