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Giving up… on Everything

Is it gloomy or beautiful? Depends on your mood, huh?

I see so much pain and sadness here. As if you are suffocating and all you want is to breath!

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I am back!

It’s time to write again. It’s time to let my feelings speak again. It’s time to be heard… again!

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Valentine’s Day?! Huh?!

Day 98 of 100 Happy Days:

My last year’s post on Valentine’s day. This year we are not even in the same city! 

Well… That really doesn’t matter. Yesterday I told him that every night is a date night as long as we are having dinner together, we are happy and enjoying each other company! 

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A Good Friend is always a blessing

Day 49 of 100 Happy Days: 

Today one of my close friends called me and told me that she is getting married. She also said that I am the only friend she is sharing the news with. I know that she doesn’t like to share her personal life with too many people. But for some reason we are very close and always end up sharing our deepest thoughts which we don’t share with anyone else. I’m so happy for her!


Friendship is one of the most beautiful things in this world. Something so valuable that we should thank God regularly for getting a good friend. This year, however, I have lost few of my closest friends from my heart, including my best friend’s. Their behavior hurt me so much that I decided that I won’t care about them anymore. This is a hard practice, to not care about someone close. But I am tired. Tired of feeling sad and ignored. So, this is one of my new years resolution: I won’t care about someone if they don’t care about me.