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Shopping is Happiness

Day 29 of 100 Happy Days:

Shopping is fun! Unnecessary buy is really fun till you start to feel guilty. That’s what happened to me today. Bought two dresses from Sears and after 10 minutes started to feel guilty and returned one. 😊

Christmas time is best for shopping, isn’t it? 🛍👗👕👚👢👜🛍

GM Diet Day 3: All you can eat fruits and veggies

Going okay so far. Day time is much easier for me than night time. I usually have heavy dinner, so after 8 the hunger comes back quite frequently. 

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GM Diet: Day 1:

Day 28 of 100 Happy Days:

Today I have started the GM diet. GM diet is the hardest thing I have ever done for weight loss purpose. They say after doing this diet I should lose 4/5 lbs every time. Well, that was not true for me, every time I loose max 1-2 lbs, may be because I am not over weight?! 

I know, this is not the ideal process for weight loss. The ideal process would be to change the life style, always eat healthy and do regular exercise. But I’m lazy and I love desserts and oily foods. I can’t stay motivated for too long. What can I do, honestly? I think for me, this time GM diet would be a better start for my weight loss journey. It is very hard, but hopefully the result will give me some motivation. After finishing this one week diet I will continue to eat healthy. 

The first day is all you can eat fruit. So, I started the day with a full glass of warm water with few drops of lemon juice. For breakfast I had an apple and a cup of green tea. For lunch I had a pears and later I ate two plums. By dinner time I was really hungry, so ate some pears and cantaloupe with raspberry and vinegar dressing. I guess that is okay as the sauce has only 40 calories per tbs and I didn’t use more that 1 tbs!

Hopefully I will stay motivated till the end of the week. 


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Weight Loss Tips…(Grocery Shopping)!!! 

Here is two weight loss tips that really work for me. 

  1. Never go to the grocery store when you are  hungry. You will end up buying all unhealthy and sugary items as a result of hunger and craving! 
  2. Before you left for grocery, always check your weight. If you really want to lose weight, and not happy with your current weight, you will be stressed and won’t buy unnecessary food. 

Remember, if you don’t buy unhealthy food, you won’t be able to eat it. Simple! You just have to control your craving at the store. Not eating a piece of cake is like burning 300 calories by doing 30 minutes of jogging! 🙂