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Universal Studio

Day 43 of 100 Happy Days:

Universal studio is spectacular!!! Unbelievable! Such a happening place!! What a wonderful experience!!!

Incredible Hulk was my first roller coaster ride and it was incredible!!! WOW! I did it with my husband as I was too scared at first to try alone. Later, I did Dragon Challenge alone, and it was awesome with an awe!!!! Among all Harry Potter world and Harry Potter rides are the best! 

What a day! After so many days I was feeling so different! I did around 9 rides. I was hoping to ride some more but my husband wasn’t feeling good. He had an headache since morning after doing the hulk ride and was having some sickness from roller coasters. So, I didn’t asked him to stay there for another hour. We left after 6 pm and later had thai food. 🍽